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At Giant Digital we know every client is unique, that’s why we created our three step process that results in an easy to understand, unique digital marketing plan to help grow your business.

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1. Discovery

Starting with a comprehensive one-to-one consultation, we explore your business marketing goals. We examine your current strategy to determine areas of improvement and use that information to begin our in-depth research.

2. Research

Having determined your marketing goals, we begin our in-depth research phase. We meticulously review your current marketing as well as completing a thorough competitor analysis. This helps shape your digital marketing action plan.

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3. Action Plan

You’ll be presented with a concise, easy-to-understand Digital Marketing plan. Included is your competitor analysis, a review of your current marketing strategy and easy to follow, in-depth proposal for future marketing including costs and timelines.


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Giant Digital – Digital Marketing in Coffs Harbour

Giant Digital provide expert Digital Marketing in Coffs Harbour. We are a Digital Marketing agency focused on helping businesses achieve optimum impact with their online marketing spend.

Continued growth and success with Digital Marketing services from within Giant Media has created the need for a dedicated Digital Marketing company in Coffs Harbour. Giant Digital is committed to providing clients with the very best digital marketing strategies and support.

Our digital marketing process begins with the creation of a personalised Digital Marketing Plan. Read on to find out how you can benefit from digital marketing in Coffs Harbour.

What exactly is a Digital Marketing Plan?

Digital Marketing is the umbrella term for all marketing activities carried out online. This includes website design, digital advertising such as AdWords, SEO content, social media and email marketing. Secondly, all of these crucial marketing channels can be measured and evaluated for performance and ROI. Finally, creating an effective Digital Marketing Plan will involve an audit of all these activities, together with a thorough consultation to establish your Unique Selling Points, direction, and target markets.

As a result, you’ll receive a strategic Digital Marketing Plan based on thorough research that’s targeted to achieve the results you seek. Moreover, your digital marketing plan will give you a realistic working budget and spending strategy that will maximise both ROI and conversion rates.

What’s included in a Digital Marketing Plan?

There are many elements that together constitute a Digital Marketing Plan and no two are the same. Our aim is to be as comprehensive as possible. We’ll evaluate all of your advertising and marketing spend, not just the digital part. We’ll then review all of your existing online assets. Consequently, you’ll receive a plan that encompasses all possible digital marketing channels and opportunities to maximise return on investment in the digital marketplace.

I’m interested in Digital Marketing in Coffs Harbour, what can I expect?

We evaluate your current website using analytical software to provide a thorough ‘health check’. This will produce recommendations for improvements to search engine performance, image, and content.

Digital advertising, such as Google AdWords (now called Google Ads), is crucial to improve your online presence and performance. We produce targeted Google Ads campaigns that drive customers to your website and consequently dramatically increase customer contact. In addition, Google Ads ‘Pay per Click’ system means you only pay a small fee if a potential customer actually clicks on your advert.

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